Executive Search

Step One
Identification • Confirmation

  • Develop holistic understanding of client’s company, culture and current situation
  • Construct search strategy that aligns with ideal candidate profile
  • Leverage expansive network and extensive database to create pool of candidates
  • Refine pool of candidates to identify those with highest degree of compatibility
Step Two
Evaluation • Presentation

  • Evaluate compatibility and determine interest through initial screening
  • Conduct follow-up interviews for deeper assessment of candidates
  • Administer initial reference checks for further verification
  • Prepare and present detailed briefs for each presented candidate
Step Three
Facilitation • Transition

  • Coordinate and facilitate all logistical aspects regarding client interviews
  • Maximize efficiency and communication with pre- and post-interview debriefings
  • Complete final reference check, develop final offer strategy, and background check
  • Facilitate offer, transition, placement and assist with family needs

The executive search solutions offered by Jorgenson Consulting are designed to specifically serve organizations within the non-profit and economic and community development sectors. Our extensive experience includes contributions within several related fields, including chambers of commerce, economic development, university research parks, downtown development organizations.

At Jorgenson Consulting, we recognize the challenges associated with an executive search, and we understand that critical tasks require a search firm who will engage the Board of Directors, search committees and community partners. Our strategy is to form strong partnerships with our clients and leverage our vast experience and networks to help organizations identify and recruit top-tier executives with the experiences and skill sets that speak to the unique needs of our clients.

Our goal is to help our clients secure the highest caliber of executive talent dedicated to yielding economic benefits while contributing to a community's competitive advantage.

National Reputation

Known as industry experts, we are a nationally recognized executive search firm with more than 25 years of experience. With offices on the East Coast, Mountain West and Southeast, we have the access organizations need to find the executives they want.


We believe in developing and sustaining a partnership with each client to ensure that we intimately understand their organization and its needs. This approach allows us to locate and place executives with the potential to contribute to a community’s competitive advantage.


We utilize our extensive proprietary database, a robust network of industry and association professionals, and our relationships with private sector businesses to locate and attract driven professionals that have the unique skills required to elevate our clients’ organizations.


At Jorgenson Consulting, we personally handle all critical aspects of the recruitment process. Our professionals have spent years developing the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate the complexities of  these organizations, and we are committed to work closely with clients throughout the duration of the process.