Jorgenson Consulting is a leading national executive search firm serving organizations in non-profit, economic and community development industries.  At Jorgenson Consulting, we work in partnership with each client to lead them in the identification and recruitment of top-tier executives.

Executive Search

For over 30 years, Jorgenson Consulting has been specializing in the recruitment and placement of superior executives.  The executive search solutions offered by Jorgenson Consulting are specifically designed to serve organizations within the non-profit, economic and community development sectors.  We are an influential contributor in the rapidly changing non-profit, chamber of commerce, downtown development and economic development fields.


It takes years to develop an understanding and gain the knowledge needed to effectively navigate the complexities of non-profit, community and economic development organizations. The Jorgenson Consulting search team has over 30 years of deep and diverse experience working with these types of organizations. Our consultants know how to identify and recruit candidates who can move your organization forward.

Jorgenson News

Jorgenson Consulting has always maintained a commitment to providing those with whom we partner the best advice and industry-leading direction. With access to the latest trends and developments in the non-profit, community and economic development sectors, we are able to provide a perspective on topics that affect organizations today and offer insight into the future.

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