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For over 25 years, Jorgenson Consulting has been specializing in the recruitment and placement of superior executives.  We are an influential contributor in the rapidly changing non-profit, chamber of commerce, downtown development and economic development fields.

Nationally recognized – Jorgenson Consulting is a nationally recognized search firm with over 25 years experience serving a client base coast to coast.  We have offices on the east coast and mid west.

Understanding the Opportunity – Every project is different and we pride ourselves on an all-inclusive process that considers every element of both the client and candidate needs.  From an in-depth look at your organization and your community to utilizing our pro-active research based executive search process, we are able to target and recruit the best talent for your organization.

Collaborative Partnership – We work in partnership with each client to lead them in the identification and recruitment of leaders and top tier executives. We understand the requirements for finding the right executive that yields economic benefits and contributes to a community’s competitive advantage.

Research and Networking the Candidate Pool – Guided by the needs assessment and the critical skills and traits required, we begin the process of identifying candidates.  We utilize our extensive proprietary data base, our extensive network of industry and association professionals, and our relationship with private sector companies.  We penetrate targeted areas identifying the best professionals who match your requirements. We recognize the best candidates are not looking for a job; they need to be recruited. We also provide an unbiased perspective that is critical when dealing with local and inside candidates.

Interview Process – Jorgenson Consulting does not use interns or research staff to make calls to identify candidates or conduct scripted interviews; we conduct those critical aspects ourselves.  It takes years to develop the knowledge and understanding for the complexities of economic development organizations, our belief is that a professional should make these calls and evaluate candidates based on a multitude of data points.

Reputation/Distinction – We value our clients and consistently earn the trust of our candidates and colleagues through collaborative relationships.  We are known as an industry expert.

Commitment – Jorgenson Consulting works with you to hire your preferred candidate.  We maintain continuous contact and communication with the top candidates.  If this candidate is not local, we communicate with his/her spouse and children to insure their specific needs and concerns are identified and develop a strategy to address the family needs.  Our firm utilizes our knowledge and experience with salary and benefit negotiations to develop an appropriate job offer and employment agreement. We  utilizes the service of an outside firm to conduct a comprehensive background dossier of the selected candidate.   Jorgenson Consulting offers a 12 month guarantee.

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